CITIC perlite


CITIC perlite Material Factory is an enterprise focus on production and sales of environmental friendly and energy saving materials, like energy saving, thermal insulating and waterproofing materials. We are located at Pingqiao, in Pingqiao Distric of Xinyang City, Henan Province, China. We have been producing and processing the following products professionally for a very long time. Such as Perlite, Hydrophobic perlite insulation board (brick), Expanded perlite, Perlite insulating pipes and sections, Obturator perlite, Vitrified Microsphere (thermal insulating mortar), Perlite filter aid, Perlite Deslagging agent, Perlite Covering agent, horticultural perlite, Perlite fire-retardant board, Insulating Brilliant Expansion Perlite, bentonite (Sodium base, calcium base, lithum base and feed grade), Perlite grinding material, Hollow microspheres, efficient activated white clay, white and red Zeolite powder, Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, and other related products.

We have been committed to development and application research of nonmetallic mineral resources like perlite. There are 4 companies affiliated with us, Zhengzhou Zhongxing Perlite Trade Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Zhongxin Perlite Filter Aids Factory, Henan Zhongxing Perlite Zhejiang Branch, and Henan Zhongxin Perlite Wuhan Branch. Right now, our factory covers an area of 98000 m2, and the floor space of plant and warehouse is 19000 m2. We have more than 200 empoyee, including 6 senior professional titles. We are supplying 9 series over 100 kinds of perlite products all over the country, for many industries such as construction, steel, refractory materials, petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, chemicals, beverages, defense, gardening and so on. Out annual output of expanded perlite is 500,000 m3, of surface sintered perlite is 60,000 tons, of perlite water retention insulating board is 120,000 m3, of perlite filter aid is 40,000 tons, of Brilliant Expansion Perlite (Expanded perlite for Cryogenic Engineering) is 8,000, etc.

We are located at Pingqiao, in Pingqiao Distric of Xinyang City, Henan Province, China, adjacent to "The first of Asia" non-metallic Mining Area, Shangtianti non-metallic Mining Area. We near the national highway 107,312 and Beijing-Guangzhou railway crossing with Nanjing-Xi'an railway. So, we are rich in energy and raw material advantage and convenient transportation advantages of extending in all directions.

We believe in the philosophy "raw material first, quality first, reputation first". On business, we execute "Customer first. Win-win as key." as our core value. We provide comprehensive pre-sale, sale and after-sales service to fulfill customers' needs. We strive to build the first brand of perlite industry in China! Sincerely welcome customers all over the world!